Thursday, August 06, 2020

Contact the insurance broker cheap loan.


Get your credit insurance at the best price.

Get your credit insurance at the best price with Bertha

As a loan insurance broker specializing in loan insurance for any type of profile (young, senior, health risk, business risk…), Cheap Loan Insurance finds for you the solution of customized loan coverage that is the cheaper market.

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The Broker

Our mission insurance broker is to compete for you between the largest insurance companies, which we count as partners, to find the offer you are the most advantageous in terms of tariffs and guarantees. Whatever your profile, we present the most suitable credit insurance solution at the best price:

  • Aggravated health risk
  • Occupations at risk
  • Sport at risk
  • Senior Borrower
  • Young borrower
  • Expatriate borrower

In order for you to obtain a mortgage, you must join a borrower insurance to guarantee it. You are entitled to take out insurance other than that offered by your bank, freely choosing your insurer. Thanks to the delegation of insurance, you can make competition between companies and select the best contract.

Your comparison with the insurance broker

Your comparison with the insurance broker

Using our credit insurance simulator, you discover the insurance rate you can benefit from the competition between different insurers. You get an idea of ​​the cost of your insurance and can receive the best quotes to compare and choose your contract.

We remain at your disposal and at your disposal to help you in your choice and your steps. If you wish, a counselor can call you back.

And remember that by delegating your loan insurance, you can save thousands of euros on the overall cost of your home loan. And if the bank refuses to grant you a loan because of the risks you present, the delegation of insurance is a very good alternative to ensure you with a contract that supports the specificities of your risks and thus access to borrowing without difficulties.


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